Our warehouse is based in the Netherlands and our entire production takes place in Europe. We think it’s important to produce as sustainable and ethical as possible: fair wages, good working conditions for everyone involved, and no unnecessary overseas transport to get the goods to our warehouse in Rotterdam.



The fabrics are made in Italy, by one of the world’s most renowned textile companies. Our new collection is made from recycled plastic bottles, the perfect blend of technical features, sustainable solutions, durability, and style. Curious how plastic bottles are turned into Active Wear? Read more about it here.

The white fabric is then digitally sublimated with our unique artworks. We only print exactly the designs and amount of pieces that we need for our collection, so there is no waste of rolls of unused fabric after the collection is sold out.



The production of the garments takes place in a small factory in Bulgaria; a family owned business that has been specialized in manufacturing sportswear for over 20 years. 

Beautifully located at the base of Mount Vitosha, we visit the factory regularly to research new types of fabrics, styles, test new samples, and keep an eye on the quality and working conditions. We are very grateful for the top quality results they always deliver!