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Sustainable Surf & Yoga Wear recycled plastic bottles surfbikini yogawear

” I am asking for your help 🙂 and focus purely on the positive outcome!”


What's it like to run an independent small business?

Sustainable surf & yoga wear

Running an independent sustainable business is hard! I’m just gonna be honest with you: I have so many ideas for new prints & styles, but I just don’t have the funds to realise them at the moment.

I started this ‘business’ in 2015 purely because of my love for surfing, traveling, yoga, and designing colorful prints. I just wanted to create some cool and durable surf&yoga wear. I never intended to make this a ‘big’ business nor did I ever imagine how much work it is! Along the way, I have come to learn that the design work is actually only about 10% of the business!

There is so much work to do 🙂 I have certainly learned a lot along the way. From social media; Facebook, Instagram, Insta Stories, newsletters, blog posts, customer service, collection planning, taxes, fulfillment of the orders, wholesale, retail, sales, distributors, shipping, returns, packaging, to sourcing new eco friendly materials, creating and testing samples and new fabrics, visits to the factory, creating a team of ambassadors, working together with interns, web designers, photographers and marketing experts. It’s super fun. But you can imagine it all takes a lot of time (and money!)

money. how do you feel about it?

I like to look at money as a form of energy. You give something (in my case my time, energy, creativity, passion, an opportunity for you to buy fairly produced products), and in return you get something else from the other person (in this case the money) to be able to pass it on, share this money with your friends, giving back by spending it on fair products made by local businesses, and to be able to make some new memories and getting inspired by new cultures and travel adventures.

I don’t want to borrow money from ‘the system’, the banks, with big interest rates. I rather believe that we can help each other! So if you can and would like to support me and my brand at this point, I would be super grateful!

If you buy or pre-order your favorite items today, you can help me fund the new collection! I have to pay upfront to the production factory, as they need to pay their employees a fair salary as well 🙂 And it’s time to make the donations over 2018  as well! The circle goes round. It’s a flowing energy. I don’t like to ask for just money, so at least you get a beautiful sustainable product for it in return!

Sustainable Surf & Yoga Wear recycled plastic bottles surfbikini yogawear

Monique Rotteveel
surfer, yogi, traveler, owner & designer

I will run a 25% OFF SALE for the last days of March, to invite you to buy it today, so we can help eachother out! You get our beautiful products at a discounted price, and I receive the funds to place and pay off my Summer collection order.


Thank you so much!

Love, Monique


Also, if you have any ideas about investing, reselling or becoming a distributor for Monique Rotteveel ®,

please reach out to me, I would love to see what magical things we could make happen together!


Sustainable Surf & Yoga Wear recycled plastic bottles surfbikini yogawear


These amazing pictures of my beautiful friends in Costa Rica were captured by Melissa Robin Photography


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• Fair wages

• Made in Europe

• High quality  Italian fabrics

• Made from recycled plastic

• Biodegradable packaging

• 1% for the Planet donations

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