Surfing the Mexican waves 

Have you ever been to Mexico? The Pacific Coast of Mexico is known for its numerous surf spots, many of which are long point breaks. Irina (who has been surfing for 4 years now) and Rosalie (beginner surfer) went on an adventure to find the best waves around.

The water temperature got quite chilly in the states of Michoacán and Guerrero throughout March/April and Irina deeply regretted bringing a spring suit. Only Oaxaca offers surfing in bikini year-round!

During their adventures, they tested the surf wear:

Rosalie: “Learning to surf in Mexico was epic. The scenery, the weather, the warm water and the friendly locals. A big difference from what I am used to: Scheveningen, with its busy and cold water.  In Barra de la Cruz, I got some private lessons from a local which was helpful and totally worth it. He managed to teach me super quickly, I stood up every time and got so excited about learning how to become a good surfer. I was wearing the Blue Ocean Tights which prevented my knees from getting a rash from the soft top! It was quite warm in the water and the leggings felt like a second skin. I recommend these leggings for surfing!” 


Some of their favourite spots included

– Rio Nexpa: long left, usually walls up very nicely, does not need much swell to work

– La Saladita (not to be confused with Sayulita): left-hand point, great beginners / mal wave, does get crowded in the mornings

– Lagunas de Chacahua: right-hander that occasionally gets really good, great vibe in town

– Barra de la Cruz: long, slow right great for improving cutbacks, can be good for beginners on high tide – Rosalie’s first surf experience in Mexico!

– Chipehua: fast, more heavy right, expect crowds especially on low tide, need a car to get here


Rosalie Ruardy
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