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Monique rotteveel ® at cooler Mag // 8 Best Brands for surfleggings

Summer is here!

Meaning you’re probably looking forward to warm water surf trips, sunset surfs, sunshine and waves. There’s so many reasons you need to invest in a pair of surf leggings this summer.

Surf leggings are a perfect alternative to wearing a wetsuit or bikini; they not only protect you from sunburn and board rash, they also make you look amazing and stand out from everyone else in the line-up, they are super comfortable and flexible without limitations in your movement, (unlike a rigid wetsuit full of neoprene).  

In reality; surfing in a bikini is a terrible idea- the fear of it coming off and exposing your private parts will without a doubt, put you off your surfing A Game so be safe and don’t leave your dignity in the sea this summer. They’re also great for yoga sessions or anything active.

Here’s a few of the best surf leggings out there for 2017…

Monique Rotteveel ® at Seafoam Surf

Monique Rotteveel® Active Wear at Seafoam Surf

Seafoam® was created by Stien Boodts, a passionate surfer who moved from Belgium to Wales to live closer to the waves and have a more balanced lifestyle.

After months trying to find supportive and reliable surfing swimwear, it became clear that the European market didn’t have much to offer. In the US and Australia however, independent brands had evolved from this niche in the market. Stien decided it was time to bring these brands to closer shores,
making them affordable and within reach for the active European women. 

We believe that swimwear should be comfortable and keep you confident in and out of the water whatever your shape or size. That is why we offer independent labels, designed by women for women and chose quality over quantity. 

View our collection at Seafoam®  here

MOnique rotteveel ® at surfgirlmag



You dont have to sign up to a years worth of expensive gym membership to get fit and healthy. With the right gear and the right attitude, your bedroom, garden, local park or beach becomes the perfect spot to get down to some yoga and exercise routines.

Whether taking it easy with a few gentle yoga stretches or going full throttle with a sweaty workout, incorporate the following gear and equipment items into your fitness plan and home routines to maximise results and eliminate excuses to get off that sofa.

You can also get MOnique rotteveel ® at the fitness section of the Surfgirl Beach Boutique

MOnique Rotteveel ® at I Love Yoga

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About I love yoga:

Mijn naam is Margreet Oranje – van der Heide. Mijn passie voor yoga is ontstaan tijdens mijn allereerste yoga les. Drie maanden later ben ik bij Yoga Moves de teacher training (300 hours) gaan volgen. Daar kreeg ik les van onder andere Katiza Satya, mijn grote inspirator! In april 2010 heb ik deze opleiding afgerond. Tijdens mijn opleiding ben ik begonnen met yogales geven bij Ready for Change, een verslavingskliniek in Rotterdam. Vervolgens heb ik twee jaar de Iyengar teacher training gevolgd aan het Iyengar yoga insitute in Amsterdam. Op dit moment volg ik bij Delight Yoga de Teacher Training advanced studies. Ik geef yogales bij Yogaschool Maarssen.

De opleiding die ik volgde bij TMO, hogeschool voor modemanagement bracht mij bij mijn andere passie… Mode! Door mijn part-time baan als stewardess bij KLM kom ik op veel mooie locaties. De yogascholen die ik bezocht tijdens mijn reizen waren een aangename verrassing! En wat een super hippe yoga kleding werd er gedragen… dat miste ik in Nederland. Door beide passies samen te brengen is Iloveyoga yoga wear ontstaan. Iloveyoga, wear it by heart.

Bekijk de collectie van Monique Rotteveel hier