Hi there! Do you have your own company as well? I would love to help your business grow! A professional logo that fits your brand perfectly gives your clients the feeling that they can trust your brand, and will make your sales go up. If you are worried about whether or not to make this investment, (I know as a startup it’s hard to spend your money on things that are don’t seem completely ‘neccessary’) think about it this way: a new, professional logo basically gets paid for by the new clients you attract! I would love to see your business thrive and attract your dream-clients!

I have studied at the Willem de Kooning Art Adacemy in Rotterdam ( the Netherlands) for 5 years, and by now I have 10 years of experience working as a freelancer for many different companies and brands (O’Neill, Secrid, Coolcat, and many startups). I love to work for yoga teachers, jewelry designers, entrepeneurs, coaches, massage therapists, clothing brands, and all businesses surf & nature & health related!

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Contact me for more info, I can do a quick scan of your brand and give you my advice on what direction we could go with your new logo / identity.

Love, Monique

Hi Monique!

All of these logos are fantastic! Thank you for putting so much thought and personality into all of these wonderful pieces! We went through all of the images and fonts over the weekend and finally feel like we know what direction we wish to take moving forward. 

For this first project, we are loving #12!

Finally, we love a bunch of your other logo choices, and would like to consider them in the future for other companies.

Thank you so much!

Beautiful work.

Sarah & David / Palm | Excavation

Hello love!!!

I believe I have decided. I absolutely love the triangle, but the third logo I circled is the winner, feel like it fits my personality beautifully. The Lit on the bag, can it be in the same font as logo? Because everything else is absolutely perfect.

I want to thank you for all your beautiful work.

Oceans of Love,

Monica / Namaste Lit Yoga & Wellness

I really love the last row with the totem and all the different variations so I want to use that for t shirts, maybe even do a mural somewhere but I def wanna use that image as well for branding and creating my new identity.

I love them…

Amanda / Wild Flier


And of course I also design everything for my own company! From the logo, to the hangtags, packaging, advertisements, and the prints! I would love to help you with your brand too.